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Let’s talk material and Menopause

Updated: Jul 1

When selecting fabrics for clothing during menopause, the key considerations are breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and comfort. Here are some boutique fabrics that are ideal:

1. **Cotton**: A natural fibre that is breathable and comfortable. It allows air to circulate, helping to keep the body cool.

2. **Linen**: Another natural fibre known for its excellent breathability and lightweight feel. Linen also has moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for managing night sweats and hot flushes.

3. **Bamboo**: Bamboo fabric is soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It has natural antibacterial properties and is often recommended for sensitive skin.

4. **Modal**: Made from beech tree pulp, modal is soft, breathable, and has good moisture-wicking properties. It’s also more resistant to shrinkage and fading compared to cotton.

5. **Tencel (Lyocell)**: This is a sustainably produced fabric made from wood pulp. Tencel is breathable, moisture-wicking, and has a silky smooth texture, which makes it very comfortable against the skin.

6. **Wool blends**: Lightweight wool blends, especially those mixed with synthetic fibres like polyester, can provide good temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties without being too warm.

7. **Silk**: Silk is lightweight, breathable, and has a natural temperature-regulating property. It can feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, although it requires careful maintenance.

8. **Microfibre**: A synthetic fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and effective at wicking moisture away from the body. It can be a good option for active wear.

9. Viscose. Viscose is made from renewable plants and is a great lightweight material that drapes well and has a lustrous finish, making pieces appear more luxurious. A viscose blend will help to combat the creasing issue. This versatile fabric is breathable and absorbent. Great for hot weather abd hot flushes.

Choosing clothing made from these fabrics can help manage the symptoms of menopause by keeping you cool, comfortable, and dry.

Starz Boutique offers a variety of clothes made from these different materials to suit various preferences and occasions.

Each material offers unique characteristics and benefits, catering to different styles and needs.

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